About Waseem

From a young age, where my curiosity led me to dismantle electronic toys to uncover their inner workings, to my current role as a seasoned professional leading significant business automation projects, my journey in the realm of technology and programming has been transformative and exhilarating.

My adventure with coding began with a simple yet intriguing project: creating a calculator using Visual Basic. This project was born out of a playful quest to find a calculator hidden within my computer’s motherboard. This early exploration laid the foundation for what would become a lifelong passion and a flourishing career.

Over the years, my enthusiasm for programming has been the driving force behind my professional growth. I took my first steps into the professional world in 2008, undertaking a modest $30 JavaScript project. This experience was a springboard that eventually led me to spearhead a 120 million PKR business automation initiative between 2016 and 2018. During this period, I discovered the immense potential and satisfaction found in leading teams and executing large-scale projects.

As a freelancer, I’ve developed a knack for creating robust web applications, employing a diverse array of technologies including HTML/CSS, Laravel (PHP), Vue.js (JavaScript), and MySQL. One of my most rewarding experiences was leading a small yet mighty team at the Bureau of Emigration (PK). Together, we successfully automated key business processes, cutting down malpractices by a staggering 60%.

My journey has also taken me through the corridors of the Inland Revenue Service (PK), where I introduced a groundbreaking Python-based data analytical tool. This tool played a crucial role in uncovering over 30,000 potential cases of income concealment, showcasing my ability to blend technical skills with impactful societal contributions.

Currently, I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, immersing myself in the intersection of public policy and data analytics. I am driven by a vision to use technology as a tool to unravel and address complex socio-economic challenges. My ultimate ambition is to lend my expertise to organizations that strive to bring about significant societal changes through IT.

In my free time, I find solace in music. Expressing myself through singing and playing the guitar is a source of immense joy and relaxation.

Core Competencies:

  • Programming: Python (Django), PHP (Laravel), Java (Android Apps), MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Vue.js
  • Specializations: Deep Learning (TensorFlow), IT Project Management, Business Automation, Agile Development
  • Communication: Proficient in both verbal and written forms

To explore some of my work, feel free to visit my Google Play Store listing, where you can find a collection of apps I’ve developed.